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Drying treatment of wood
Dec 15, 2017

1. Manual drying: The wood seals in the steam drying room, borrows the steam to promote the water evaporation, causes the wood to dry, (according to the wood size, the thickness, if the 4cm plate drying time generally needs one weeks), the drying degree maximum can make the wood water content only up to 3%, But after the high-temperature evaporation of the wood brittle loss of toughness is vulnerable to damage and is not conducive to carving, usually said the degree of wood drying should be kept in water content about 30%.

2. Natural drying: The classification of wood placed in the ventilation department (plate, just or round wood), put into a stack, the bottom of the stack from the ground around 60cm, leaving gaps in the middle, so that the air flow, take away moisture, wood gradually dry, natural drying generally after several years or months, to achieve a certain drying requirements.

3. Simple artificial drying: one is to use fire to dry wood interior moisture, the second is water to boil the resin ingredients in the wood, and then put in the air drying or drying, the two methods may shorten the drying time, but the wood after the water easily discoloration, damage to wood.

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