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How to maintain the flower box
Dec 15, 2017

1. After the floor has just been laid, must keep the indoor air circulation frequently.

2. Overweight items should be smooth interspersed, furniture and weights can not be hard push and pull drag, so as not to scratch the wear-resistant layer surface.

3. Can not use sharp objects to scrape, draw wooden box surface.

4. Do not use water to soak the floor, if there are accidents, should be timely use dry mop to mop dry floors.

5. To keep the floor dry and clean, wooden box surface, such as dirt, generally with no dripping tide mop wipe clean.

6. Avoid too hot electrical appliances, to prevent wooden boxes are baked by cooker and deformation.

7. The door should be placed a rub foot mat, reduce the sand on the wooden box wear.

8. Clean the spots and stains with the special cleaning agent of wooden box, and can not be cleaned with damaged items, such as metal tools, nylon friction pads and bleach powder.

9. Every once in a while to the wooden box waxing, time interval depending on the finish of the wood box paint, the method is a half dry cloth wipe clean wooden box and evenly apply the wax on the surface of the wooden box, and so dry with a dry soft cloth, until smooth translucent.

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