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Management operation requirements for wood products processing
Dec 15, 2017

(1) Wood products processing must set up a closed work shed, in order to reduce the noise and dust pollution of the environment, in the vicinity of the wood shed to install the corresponding fire fighting equipment to prevent the occurrence of fire.

(2) for wood and other raw materials must be concentrated processing, reasonable use, long material is not short, excellent material is not inferior to use, materials to be used according to the construction schedule procurement purchase.

(3) Wood processing, to have dust measures, the operation of sawdust, wood shavings to be swept to the designated location in time to maintain the clean face, reduce fire hazards. The reusable wood after the treatment of classified stacking, reasonable use, save resources.

(4) processing good finished products, semi-finished products, to timely warehousing properly, there is rain-proof measures to prevent material deformation, waste of resources, and establish picking procedures, reduce the use of consumption, to ensure the realization of material planning objective

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