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Waterproof measures of wooden box
Dec 15, 2017

1. Through the sealed packing box inside the vacuum method, to achieve the purpose of waterproof.

2. In order to prevent the packaging of water products loss of moisture, to ensure the stability of product performance, the use of a certain moisture-permeable packaging materials for packaging.

3. In order to prevent the packaging products moisture absorption, in the packaging wooden box to place a certain number of desiccant, in order to absorb the package into the packaging of moisture, the humidity will be kept within a certain range, commonly used desiccant are: Silica gel, molecular sieve, activated alumina, etc., this method requires wooden box can be sealed, so that wooden box The internal space is isolated from the outside air, which is suitable for small and medium sized packages.

4. Through continuous or intermittent detection and control of the controlled space humidity, to achieve the control of the space to maintain the humidity within a certain range, to achieve the purpose of drying and storage of materials and equipment, this method is suitable for large products waterproof packaging, can use cycle drying and condensation, such as wet control methods.

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