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Wooden Box anti-corruption skills
Dec 15, 2017

1. Drying Mold Rot Packaging technology: Microbial living environment lack of moisture is caused by drying, in dry conditions, mold can not reproduce, the commodity will not rot, drying and mildew-proof packaging technology is by reducing the water in the sealed packaging and the product itself, so that the mildew-rot microorganisms can not grow and reproduce the necessary moisture to achieve the purpose of mildew-proof rot, Can be sealed in the packaging of a certain amount of desiccant to absorb the moisture in the package, so that the moisture content of the contents of the product to the allowable water content below, this technology is often used in food packaging, wine box packaging, tea packaging.

2. Gas-regulating mold-rot packaging technology: gas-adjusted mildew-proof packaging, commonly known as vacuum packaging, that is, under the condition of sealed packaging, by changing the composition of the air in the package to reduce the concentration of oxygen, resulting in low oxygen environment to inhibit the life activities of the mold-rot microorganisms and the respiratory strength of biological products, so as to achieve the purpose of mildew-proof of the packaged goods, This is also the principle of the gas-regulating mold rot packaging.

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