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Methods Of Removing Insects From Wood Products
Dec 15, 2017

1. Coating treatment on some of the remaining parts, with raw tung oil, shellac or varnish paint, brush to the surface of the wooden cabinet, can make moths and air isolation, to achieve the purpose of moth. Note that when brushing, both sides and the wooden cabinet inside the wall should be brushing evenly.

2. Medicament treatment when the wooden cupboard is damaged by worms, can be dichlorvos and water to 1:5 of the proportion of liquid, with spray full spray, let the liquid into the wood cabinet, to spray 3 times to 5 consecutive, after 8 hours, can kill all after the decay, wooden cabinets with water wash clean dry.

3. Use diesel oil to wipe the sunny day will have been moth-infested wooden cabinets in the Chaoyang, with a brush or cotton-smoked diesel will be all painted wooden cabinets. Bask in 2.3 hours, and then bask, and see the moths die at the hole. Then wash and dry with detergent liquid.

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