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Wooden Wine Box Is Green Environmental Protection Packaging
Dec 15, 2017

AA-grade green packaging, refers to waste can be recycled, recycling or degradation, containing toxic substances within the prescribed limits and the entire life cycle of the product to the human body and the environment does not cause harm to the appropriate packaging, packaging materials, dosage and manufacturing process of waste gas, sewage discharge and packaging waste recovery, Reuse and reuse should be realized by law, system and other administrative, economic measures and means.

Wooden Box Factory anti-counterfeiting ink refers to the addition of special properties in ink anti-counterfeiting materials, wooden box factory by the special process of printing ink, it has a simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors, easy to test, reproducibility of strong features, used for packaging anti-counterfeiting printing inks are mainly ultraviolet fluorescent ink, temperature change ink, Optical variable ink and magnetic inks.

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